Jo Knight

Jo Knight arrived at Lancaster Medical School in January 2016 and became a Professor in 2018. She is the Research Director for the Medical School and the theme lead for the Data Science Institute. Her main expertise lies within statistical genetics - analysing genetic data to identify variants that increase risk of complex traits.

Jo publishes both applied and methodological work in journals including Nature and Nature Genetics. The diseases that she has most experience in include psychiatric, autoimmune traits and cardio-vascular disease. Data integration has been the focus of her recent methodological work including approaches to incorporate data from genome wide association studies with additional functional information about the genome or individual genes. More recently Jo has research under the broad title of using NHS held data to improve health records. In this area she works with a multidisciplinary group of 4 students from across 3 faculties and supervises a PhD student and an MD student in her own department. She has a good track record of funding both in her previous position in Canada (2012-1015) and since arriving at Lancaster in 2016 including a Wellcome Trust grant as PI.

Jo is involved in a number of collaborations, for example she helped control data access to the Schizophrenia dataset collated by the Psychiatric Genomic Consortium from 2014 to 2018. She worked at the University of Toronto from 2012-2015 and previous to that she worked at Kings College London after getting her PhD at Queen Mary University London.