MRC Fellowship for CHICAS PhD Student

Emanuele Giorgi, a current PhD student in CHICAS, has been awarded an MRC Fellowship which will see him travelling between Lancaster and Malawi to investigate patterns of disease in Africa. He said:

This is an important achievement that will help to advance my career and give me the opportunity to form key collaborations with experts in spatial epidemiology. I am extremely delighted that I will continue my research based in Lancaster, a city and a research environment that have been giving me the serenity and the enthusiasm that were needed to win the award.

After graduating in his native Italy, Emanuele moved to Lancaster to start his PhD in CHICAS, winning the International Biometric Society's Student Showcase Research Prize in his second year. He hopes one day to combine his geostatistical skills with another of his interests - dinosaurs!

Updated: Monday 9 February, 2015