Mapping Doctors

This NIHR-funded multi-disciplinary research project started in October 2022 to explore the relationship between medical training and health inequalities.

The problem of not having enough doctors is known as ‘underdoctoring.’ We aim to make a major contribution to addressing underdoctoring. Our study will investigate why doctors work where they work, thinking about how the healthcare system as a whole is organised as well as individual choices. We will conduct case studies of three underdoctored areas, and one site that does not struggle to recruit. By looking in detail at these areas, we will be able to understand the differences between places, which will have lessons for other areas in the UK as well as the areas we are focusing on.

The team is led by Liz Brewster, with Jo Rycroft-Malone, Clifford Shelton, Euan Lawson, Luigi Sedda, Michael Lambert and Barry Rowlingson

For more details see the Mapping Doctors web site.