Rachel Tribbick

I am a second year Statistics and Epidemiology PhD student in CHICAS (Lancaster Medical School) supervised by Dr Frank Dondelinger, Dr Neil Dawson and Prof. Peter Diggle.

My current research focuses on developing and applying methods for the analysis for longitudinal studies with high-dimensional outcomes. Applications for this research include medical data from both animal and human studies. I am fully funded through a studentship from NC3Rs.

I was invited to speak about my work by the Biostatistics department at the University of Liverpool. I am also a contributing speaker at the Statistical Analysis of Multi-outcome Data Conference 2019. During the first year of my PhD my work has been presented by poster at the RSS 2018 conference and at the 2018 American College of Rheumatology’s Annual Meeting.

Alongside my research, I am interested in a range of topics and so I run a postgraduate Quantitative Medicine Reading Group within our department.