Peter M Macharia

I am a spatial epidemiologist funded by the Royal Society under the Newton International Fellowship scheme (2021-2023) and hosted by the CHICAS research group at Lancaster Medical School, Lancaster University. I work under the guidance of Dr Emanuele Giorgi to develop geostatistical methods for mapping prevalence in presence of incomplete spatial information using malaria school survey data from Kenya. I collaborate with Professor Bob Snow and Dr Emelda Okiro, both from KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Kenya where I am a visiting researcher.

I am interested in the application of geospatial models to derive spatial health metrics to aid in a better understanding of health inequalities, vulnerabilities, and population health. Particularly the use of conditional autoregressive models and model based geostatistics to map disease prevalence, child health outcomes; characterizing physical access, marginalization to healthcare and creation of health indices.

I hold BSc and MSc degrees in Geomatic Engineering & Geospatial Information Systems from JKUAT, Kenya, a post graduate diploma in health research methods of Pwani University, Kenya and a PhD in spatial epidemiology of The Open University, UK and KWTRP.