Irene Kyomuhangi

Irene is a Senior Research Associate in Geospatial Statistical Methods at CHICAS. She was previously a PhD student at CHICAS from 2017-2021, under the supervision of Emanuele Giorgi. After completing her PhD, she went on to work in malaria epidemiology, supporting multiple malaria research projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Irene has returned to CHICAS to conduct work on a BMG funded project that looks at the spatial distribution of blackflies, together with collaborators at Greenwich University, Imperial College, Sightsavers (Benin) and University of Energy and Natural Resources (Ghana).

Her research training spans across different fields of research including biomedical science, immunology, statistics and epidemiology. Irene is passionate about multi-disciplinary approaches to global health problems, particularly malaria and neglected tropical diseases.