Rebecca Killick

Maths and Stats

Rebecca is a Senior Lecturer in Statistics and joined CHICAS in March 2021 following a disciplne hopping award from EPSRC. After completing their PhD in 2012 within the Mathematics & Statistics department, Rebecca was a PDRA before obtaining a lectureship in Mathematics & Statistics in 2013. Alongside her departmental role, Rebecca is Head of the Lancaster University Women's Network and Furness College Advisor. In 2019 they were the first UK recipient of the “Young Statistician of the Year” award from the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics which recognizes the work of young people in introducing innovative methods, promoting the use of statistics and/or successfully using it in daily practice.

Rebecca sees their research as a feedback loop, being inspired by problems in real world applications, creating novel methodology to solve those problems and then feeding these back into the problem domain. Their primary research interests lie in development of novel methodology for the analysis of univariate and multivariate nonstationary time series models. This covers many topics including developing models, model selection, efficient estimation, diagnostics, clustering and prediction. Rebecca is highly motivated by real world problems and has worked with data in a range of fields including Bioinformatics, Energy, Engineering, Environment, Finance, Health, Linguistics and Official Statistics. Rebecca is passionate about ensuring the availability and accessibility of research in the form of open-source software. As part of this they advocate to the statistical community the importance of recognition of research software as an academic output, are co-Editor in Chief of the Journal of Statistical Software and a member of the rOpenSci statistical software peer review board.