Olivia Grigg

Dr. Olivia Grigg came to the CHICAS group to work with Prof. P. Diggle and Senior Researcher B. Rowlingson in 2010. She worked on models for spatio-temporal point-processes, in particular on software development. Applications investigated included the 2001 UK Foot-and-mouth epidemic and the nesting patterns of common terns in the Ebro Delta Natural Park, Spain.

In Lancaster's Department of Mathematics and Statistics, in 2008-2010, she worked with Prof. J. Tawn on covariate-dependent threshold models for extreme value data with application to UK river flows.

Previous to that, in 2004, she obtained a PhD in Medical Statistics from Cambridge University, entitled 'Risk-adjusted Monitoring and Smoothing in Medical Contexts'. Her supervisor at the MRC BSU Cambridge was Prof. V. Farewell and advisor Prof. D. Spiegelhalter. She completed a Career Development Fellowship at the MRC BSU with Prof. D. Spiegelhalter, continuing work on Risk-adjusted Monitoring (2004-2007).

Dr. Grigg now works as a freelance online statistics tutor and consultant, whilst continuing theoretical developments in the field of her PhD, Risk-adjusted Monitoring.

Her consultancy page and collection of academic papers can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/mathsworkmusic/.