Fran Biggin

NHS Research

I completed my PhD in Statistics and Epidemiology in the CHICAS research group in the Lancaster Medical School and am now working within the NHS as a Post Doctoral Researcher in Neurology Data Science. My research focuses on ways we can use routinely collected health data to help improve health services. I am currently exploring how visualising data pathways can help identify where health data is stored and how it is accessed.

My interests lie in using patient data to improve health outcomes. A large amount of medical and administrative data is recorded as a patient moves though the medical system, and with some careful analysis this data can also be used in research. Understanding issues such as care pathways, patterns of diagnosis and referral can inform potential changes in services which, in turn, can enable better patient care.

Alongside my research I also volunteer as a STEM ambassador, visiting schools and colleges to talk about data and research. I have helped to run introduction to data science workshops, talked about my experiences at careers seminars, and also judged STEM competitions such as the First Lego League, which encourages young students to get involved in STEM subjects.