Frances Biggin

I am a first year Statistics and Epidemiology PhD student in the CHICAS research group at Lancaster University Medical School, and my area of research is in using health informatics to improve neurological care. My supervisors are Professor Jo Knight, Chair in Applied Data Science, and Professor Hedley Emsley, Professor of Clinical Neuroscience. Funded by an EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership through Lancaster University Data Science Institute I will be using statistical and machine learning techniques to understand patient data from neurology outpatient clinics.

My background is in medical planning in the British Army, where I also completed a PGCert in Public Health. On leaving the Army I decided to pursue a more analytical route and enrolled on a GradCert in Statistics with Sheffield University. I then completed an MSc in Data Science at Lancaster University, following a health pathway throughout the course. My final research project for the MSc used local hospital data to examine differences in stroke risk and survival between rural and urban populations.

My interests lie in using patient data to improve health outcomes. Much data is recorded by medical staff which is used for diagnosis and treatment, however this data can also be used to understand issues such as care pathways, patterns of diagnosis and attendance. Understanding these issues can help inform potential changes in services which, in turn, enable better patient care.