Ozgur Asar

Ozgur completed his PhD in 2015 and worked for a short time as a research associate before returning to Turkey. His earlier web page content follows:

I am a second year PhD student in CHICAS, Lancaster Medical School. I am studying on a dual PhD, namely Statistics and Epidemiology, with Prof. Peter Diggle. I have mainly concentrated on longitudinal, time series and survival statistical methods, with applications in the biomedical and health sciences. My studies are financially supported by a full time research studentship at the overseas level, based on the Health e-Research Centre (HeRC) funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC), UK.

The projects within the scope of my PhD are:

  • Real-time monitoring of progression towards renal failure in primary care patients
  • Novel statistical methods for joint analysis of longitudinal and survival data
  • Investigation of the influences of acute kidney injury on long-term kidney function
  • Spectral analysis methods for high frequency time series data, with applications in knee joint repair