Simon Alderton

Simon’s research interests lie at the interface between geography, health, and computer science, with an emphasis on how people’s interactions with each other, and their environment, influence pathways of disease transmission. Having an undergraduate and masters-level background in physical geography, he completed his PhD in Complex System Simulation at the University of Southampton, with a view to gaining the technical skills in dynamic modelling required to simulate these relationships. Using agent-based modelling (ABM) techniques, Simon’s research projects include a fine-scale, highly detailed model of Rhodesian human African trypanosomiasis (rHAT/sleeping sickness) in Eastern Province Zambia, and an exploration of human behaviour as a contributory factor to anti-microbial resistance (AMR) in Uganda and Malawi. In addition to this core research, his social science background has led to an interest in the development of software tools that are accessible to researchers with no formal training in computational methods.

Away from university, Simon enjoys rugby, cue sports and has a strong affinity with the coast (although not as strong as his cockapoo, Jess!).