CHICAS at TIES2016, Edinburgh, July 2016

This is one of the few occasions where new methods for vector-borne disease mapping and control will be discussed in an International Conference. It also comes timely with the increase scientific and public interests for the emergence of human and animal vector-borne diseases in new geographic areas (as Zika for example).

The invited speakers for this session are: Dr Chris Jewell (CHICAS) with a talk on “Outbreak response forecasting for vector borne diseases”; Dr Victor Alegana (University of Southampton) with a talk on “Effect of environmental and ecological factors on malaria vector density in Tororo district in Uganda”; and Dr Michelle Stanton (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine) with a talk on “The role of statistical models in tsetse control: theory vs practice.”.

More information about the conference, sessions and registration is available from the Conference Website.

Updated: Tuesday 16 February, 2016