CHICAS Researcher to Mentor Google Summer School Student

Every year Google run their "Google Summer of Code" (GSoC) scheme, funding students to develop open source software. This year a project proposed by Barry Rowlingson has been accepted and the student, Kevin Stadler, will start working on it shortly. Kevin is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh and is currently a contributor to open-source projects. The project is co-mentored by Julia Wagemann.

The aim of the project is to enable applications that might not have powerful geographic mapping functions to control QGIS, the leading open-source geographic information system. In this way, statistical packages such as R, and programming languages such as Python can leverage QGIS to produce high-quality cartography or use its interactive digitising and editing functions.

The project lasts for four months and pays the student a stipend to work on the project. All work is done remotely, and supervision is by regular teleconferences and online discussions.

Barry has mentored two other GSoC projects in the past, and has literally "got the T-shirt", which is one of the benefits for GSoC mentors.

Updated: Wednesday 3 May, 2017