COVID-19 Research

A number of CHICAS research staff and students are now devoting much of their research efforts to COVID-19-related activity. Our modelling activities are helping to advise and support pandemic response and decision making in the UK and internationally. We currently have representation on SPI-M (the modelling group advising UK DHSC) and the WHO COVID-19 modelling group, as well as working with regional NHS and public health groups.

Jon Read, Jessica Bridgen, Chris Jewell and colleagues from the Universities of Florida and Glasgow produced a paper based on the early data from Wuhan.

An updated list of related preprints and publications will be kept in the links section of this web page.

Max Eyre has built a web application for plotting case counts and other time-series data from Johns Hopkins CSSE and Public Health England.

Simon Alderton has produced a web-based dashboard for the analysis of the latest UK (PHE) and international (JH) data collected from the outbreak. Items include animated representations of transmission at different spatial scales through time, and numbers of tests performed, and cases identified, in the UK.