Rachel Tribbick

I am a first year Statistics and Epidemiology PhD student in CHICAS (Lancaster Medical School) supervised by Dr Frank Dondelinger, Dr Neil Dawson and Prof. Peter Diggle.

As an undergraduate, I studied BSc Mathematics at the University of Birmingham. In my third year I focused on Applied Mathematics, including Medical Statistics, Fluid Mechanics and some Financial Mathematics. I then studied MSc Statistics at the University of Lancaster. My MSc dissertation was supervised by Prof. Peter Diggle, looking at novel ways of using covariate and proxy data to map the risk of locations in Western and Central Africa having a high prevalence of the disease Loa Loa.

My PhD project will focus on developing methods for the design and analysis for longitudinal studies with high-dimensional outcomes, based on generalized linear mixed models and Gaussian processes. The aim is to gain new scientific insights into developmental changes in mouse brain function, and to demonstrate the effectiveness of the high-dimensional longitudinal method for increasing the statistical power and reducing the number of mice needed.

My studies are financially supported by a full time studentship, awarded by the NC3Rs.