Luigi Sedda

I am a Lecturer in Spatial Epidemiology. I work on the integration of biological and statistical models in geostatistical and ecological frameworks to produce risk maps of infectious diseases, species distribution and species dispersion. My main interest is in animal and human vector-borne diseases. I made important contributions on the dispersion of animal midge-borne diseases through wind and on the identification of vector foci (reservoir/sources) for integrated vector control.

Main research areas of interest:

  • Vector borne disease mapping;
  • Cross-correlation analysis at fixed points in space;
  • Wind-vector-borne diseases modelling;
  • Cell-automata epidemiology;
  • Population-based ecological models;
  • Species distribution modelling;
  • Risk mapping and risk assessment standardization for public health and veterinary risk management;
  • One-health frameworks;
  • Bayesian-geostatistical discriminant analysis;
  • Poverty mapping.