Olatunji Olugoke Johnson

I am a PhD student at CHICAS Research Group of the Lancaster Medical School and supervised by Prof. Peter Diggle, Dr Emanuele Giorgi and Prof. Jo Knight. I formerly obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics and Master’s degree in Mathematical Sciences from the Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria and African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Tanzania respectively. I am the author of SDALGCP, an R package for analyzing spatially aggregated disease data.

My research focuses on the development of the statistical methodology for disease risk mapping. Specifically, the development of novel geostatistical methods for spatially aggregated data. I have developed a geostatistical method to analyse river blindness data in Cameroon and we are able to identify communities that need urgent treatment. Also, I have developed a geostatistical framework for analysing spatially aggregated health outcomes when one hypothesize that the process that generates the data is spatially continuous. One of the projects that I am currently working on is on the spatio-temporal prediction of COPD emergency hospitalisation across North West England.