Frank Dondelinger

Frank is a lecturer in Biostatistics. His research interests include statistical genomics, hierarchical Bayesian models for drug and treatment response, information sharing, transfer learning and group mapping for transferring knowledge from in vitro to in vivo datasets, network reconstruction from time-series and interventional data, efficient inference in complex high-dimensional Bayesian models, and parameter inference in models of biological systems.

He studied at the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh, before doing a joint PhD at Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS). Frank has previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AvL) and at the MRC Biostatistics Unit in Cambridge. His work includes collaborations on cancer proteomics with the Mills Lab at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, and on Type II Diabetes epidemiology with the MRC Epidemiology Unit.

For more information, please see my personal website.

Two other potential PhD topics without attached funding that I am currently offering are: 1) "Data-driven cancer subtype discovery using high-dimensional integrative clustering" and 2) "Machine Learning for Drug Selection in Personalized Cancer Medicine".