Spatio-temporal maps of Plasmodium falciparum transmission around the perimeter of Majete Wildlife Reserve, Chikwawa District, Southern Malawi

Supplementary information for the paper “Identifying fine-scale spatiotemporal patterns in Plasmodium falciparum transmission by monitoring parasite prevalence and entomological inoculation rate” by Benjamin Amoah, Robert S. McCann, Alinune N. Kabaghe, Monicah Mburu, Michael G. Chipeta, Paula Moraga, Steven Gowelo, Tinashe Tizifa, Henk van den Berg, Themba Mzilahowa, Willem Takken, Michele vanVugt, Kamija S. Phiri, Peter J. Diggle, Dianne J. Terlouw and Emanuele Giorgi.

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